The Glade of Pines is to be found on the slopes of the Grey Mountains where the forest envelops the foothills. The crisp cold air favours pine trees rather than any other species. There are many different types and some individual trees are extremely old and gnarled. These entwine their roots around the high pinnacles and crags of weathered rock. The cliffs have caves and crevices which provide lairs for many kinds of wild beasts. The Elves have 'sung' both trees and rocks into fine dwellings where both tree trunks and stalagmites act as pillars of the many halls and galleries.[1a][1b]

The kindred who settled here learned to use the pine resin for many things including wine and magical potions. The region is abundant in wild animals such as bears, wildcats and birds of prey. The Elves dwelling here developed a strange affinity with the beasts and birds. The Kindred of the Pines include warriors who have learned to ride on the backs of giant Warhawks.[1b]


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