Deep within the forests of Parravon is a glade of trees surrounding a deep, still pool of water. Known as the Glade of Children, dolls lie around the place in various stages of decay, and there are usually a handful of Bretonnian women here.[1a]

This is because the Fay sometimes return children in this glade. The Fay are not perfect, and sometimes they take a child with no magical talent. In such cases, they bring the child to this glade and, if there is a suitable woman present, leave the child with her as she sleeps. The woman then leaves the doll of her stolen child as a thank-offering.[1a]

The Fay only leave children if all the women in the glade are asleep. Sleeping in the middle of a forest with no guards is not particularly safe, and there are no villages close to the glade. This makes the trip here very dangerous. What is more, most women do not receive a child, and it is almost unheard of for a woman to receive her own child.[1a][1b]

Almost. It does happen occasionally, and that is enough for some mothers.[1b]


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