Git Guzzler

Git Guzzler conversion by Guy Haley.

Git Guzzler, also known simply as The Git, was the shrewd and cunning Goblin King responsible for the destruction of Bugman's Brewery.[1c]


The Git had plotted long and hard to overthrow the fabled brewery of Josef Bugman. In a fungus-induced trance did Git first discover the existence of the hidden brewery. From that day he began sending his Goblin scouts to scour the land. For Git believed that with the destruction of the Dwarf settlement he could bribe other tribes to join him with the beer he'd steal and eventually form a mighty Waaagh! of his own, perhaps even to rival that of Grom the Paunch himself, whom Git has a great loathing for.[1b]

At the Siege of Bugman's Brewery, Git Guzzler commanded a coalition of three Goblin Tribes-- his own Troll Beaters, the Sourface Goblins lead by Grabnatz Sourbelly, and Grotsnag's Red Tooth Bandits.[1a] At this battle, his forces ultimately prevailed.[1c] However, it seems that Git Guzzler's plan of using the looted ale to gather a large Waaagh! failed, as when Bugman returned to his ruined brewery, it appeared that most of the ale had been drunken in one victorious orgy of destruction.[2a][3a] After the looting of Bugman's Brewery, Git Guzzler fled eastward into the Worlds Edge Mountains,[3a] and from thence his fate is unknown.

Git Guzzler is huge for a Goblin, his mighty girth allowing him to push round his diminutive kin and even bully weak-willed Orcs to do his bidding. He is also a fierce and dirty fighter, prone to outbursts of needless anger, which he often takes out on his nearest unfortunate minion.[1b]

Wargear & Abilities

  • Da Wicked Edge - Guzzler's lethal axe has been sharpened to an impossible edge. It cuts through plate and mail with ease.[1b]
  • Guzzler's Bad Brew - This is one of Git's own concoctions, so potent that any ordinary Goblin drinking it would be knocked unconscious from the slightest sip.[1b]
  • Wrathful - "The Git" as he is sometimes known, is miserable and prone to bouts of violent anger, brought on when he is drunk on his brews or sobering from their effects. Git Guzzler and any unit he leads are immune to panic.[1b]
  • Beer-gut - From supping large quantities of ale, Git Guzzler has an impressive beer gut. This disgusting flab offers some protection against the blades and arrows of his enemies.[1b]


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