The Girl in Glass is a famous Kislevite opera based on the Human legend of a messianic girl hidden beneath the streets of Praag.[1a]

There are many legends told in both the Empire and Kislev about a beautiful girl who will save the world from Chaos if only she can be freed from her glass prison. Some stories say the girl is the Goddess Shallya, others say she is the Vampire Genevieve (a fact she fiercely denies if in earshot). In Kislev, the most famous version is the one presented in Anton Denisovich's great opera The Girl in Glass. Here, the girl is the Goddess of Purity, her coffin buried under Praag, and she can only be freed by the kiss of a cursed Chaos warrior. He eventually does so due to his love for her, despite knowing she will destroy him when she is freed. The opera ends with the obliteration of the Chaos forces and the salvation of Praag and, thus, is enduringly popular in the city that has suffered so much. What is more, several unscrupulous riddle-men are playing upon this myth by offering people a glimpse of the real Girl in Glass, for a moderate fee. Any un-marred young woman visiting the city will be propositioned to join this scam, as finding appropriately goddess-like women who are prepared to lie for hours half-naked in a rusty glass box is not easy.[1a]


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