"My rates are posted for all to see, so you have no complaint!You failed to pay the loan within a month, and I was within my rights to sell it! Now get out and stop wasting my time!"
Gideon Scheepsheers[1a]
Gideon Scheepscheers

Gideon Scheepscheers

Gideon Scheepscheers is tall but stooped, a man in his early sixties whose wrinkled face and perpetual squint make him look like some huge dried-fruit doll. He wears severe black clothes that went out of fashion twenty years ago, but he keeps them because they're still "perfectly good". He almost always seems to be checking his accounts or inventorying his stock, when not dealing with clients. He never leaves the shop without his bodyguard.[1a]

Unctuous, almost fawning to prospective clients; he has no patience with "deadbeats" - his word - who can't pay their debts. He knows the debtor's law like the back of his hand, and has privately prosecuted more than one person and sent them to jail for unpaid bills - the law allows him to do this when he has been unable to sell an item that is also unclaimed. He adheres to the letter of a contract and has never been known to show leniency to anyone. The fact that people will accept his terms to get money he takes as a sign of his good business sense, as was his decision to get out of fencing nearly 30 years ago into something far more profitable and far less dangerous, though he is still careful of those who might resent his riches.[1a]

He is friendly with Marquandt of Marquandt's Escorts, from whom he hires his bodyguard. Dmitri Hrodovsky regularly buys items here and often joins Gideon for a game of dominoes at a local private club, the Blue Heron. Gideon has seen the ghost of Tarnopol's Clocktower and knows it is after him. He will not go to that part of Kruiersmuur for any reason.[1a]


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