Not to be confused with Gigantic Spiders.

Warhammer Giant Spiders

A Giant Spider.

Giant Spiders are deadly hunters, easily capable of ensnaring and overwhelming a fully-grown man.


A Giant Spider's toxic venom is deadly to all but the hardiest victim, and few survive for long once bitten. Some particularly old and powerful giant spiders have been known to grow as large as a house, and Forest Goblin tribes revere these ancient beasts and even ride them to war. Giant spiders can be part of a larger brood, often led by a spider queen, but they are often encountered singly or in small numbers.[1a]

Natural predators, they use their huge, sticky webs to ensnare their prey before feasting on them. Giant spiders are rarely found away from the forest lair or cave where they weave their webs. Forest Goblins use the venom of giant spiders to concoct the deadly poisons they smear on their arrowheads and blades, and some even choose to ride these treacherous beasts into battle. Walls and battlements are of no hindrance to these spider riders, making them excellent troops in siege warfare.[1a]



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