"Those beasts have some of the worst breath you can possibly imagine. Their mouths are rife with pestilence. If you get bit by one, it's best to 'ave a sawbones take the limb right off. I've seen a man's leg go rotten and black from one of the creatures' bites. Y'see, despite their size, they's carrion beasts. It behooves' em to have a steady supply of wounded and dying food limping around for when they get a bit peckish. They won't kill ya with a bite. Not right away, at least..."
Leo Gebhardt, Huntsman.[1]

A Giant Lizard.[1]

Another beast whose unnatural size is likely attributable to the warping effects of Chaos or some madman's experimentation, the Giant Lizard dwarfs the normal representatives of its species.


Devoid of the more unnatural mutations of the Cold Ones and the Basilisk, the Giant Lizard possesses only prodigious size. It is otherwise identical to its smaller kin. Such is small consolation to an unfortunate soul who crosses paths with one of the beasts while it is hunting for food.[1]


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