"Aye, they wuz made by those vampires back inner wars, weren’t they? That’s what me da used to say when we was havin’ blood puddin’. They used ’em as starters before they gots to the mains. Aye, that’d be us: the mains. He reckoned, me da, that they jus’ used to be big slugs or summat, before ’em bastard vampires got to ’em!"
—Galthek Rogarsson, Blacksmith[1a]

Giant Leeches are a common sight in the Old World. Some believe they are so widespread because, unlike smaller leeches, they can survive both in and out of water. They are also found underground, meaning that caves are not always the best place to shelter for the unwary. They come in a variety of sizes and range from black to bright crimson. Although smaller varieties of leech have broad ranging medicinal uses, larger ones are considered too dangerous to be directly applied to anything but an Ogre. They sometimes hang from wet trees, attaching themselves to any living tissue that brushes by.[1a]


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