Ghazak Khan.

Ghazak Khan, Terror of the East, is the greatest Hobgoblin Khan ever to venture out of the Eastern Steppes.[1a]


In the distant east, where the endless, wind-swept steppes stretch for untold leagues, lies the dominion of the Hobgoblins. A warrior race of a thousand thousand wolfriders, the armies of the great Hobgobla Khan hold sway over the greatest empire in the world. Very few of these savage Greenskins have ever been seen in the lands of the Old World, but one of them is known well in the lands of Tilea and the kingdoms of the south - Ghazak Khan, the Butcher of Torrico Fields, the Terror of the East, commander of the Blackwolf mercenaries.[1a]

Ghazak is one of the most successful Mercenary Generals of the age. His army includes many of the most infamous mercenary regiments, like Manglar's Mutant Goblins, the Long Knife Orc Warriors and the dreaded War Trolls of the Grey Mountains. With these and many other ruthless cut-throats, Ghazak's band has developed a fearsome reputation as utterly merciless warriors who will not shy from slaughtering (and eating) entire populations of cities and burning scores of villages to the ground in their campaigns. When the black wolf-tail standards of Ghazak are seen in the horizon, men grow desperate, for the mighty Hobgoblin has never been defeated in the open field.[1a]

Of his past in the steppes beyond, Ghazak speaks little (indeed it is very difficult to understand the grunting language of the Hobgoblins and those who have dared to ask anything are usually beheaded by Ghazak). However, it is said that he is one of the most powerful of the war-chiefs who the Great Hobgobla Khan sent to study the lands beyond.[1a]

This claim is supported by traders who have travelled to the steppes of the east and visited the ruler of the Hobgoblin nation in his tent (said to be the size of a small village), who say that the green-skinned despot is ever hungry for new conquests. Perhaps Ghazak is but the first of the Great Horde to cross the mountains, and one day the countless wolfriders of Hobgobla Khan will cross the Worlds Edge Mountains and sweep the nations of men before them.[1a]

In battle Ghazak rides Warghan, a gigantic wolf the likes of which has never been seen in the lands of the west. In his hand he carries a huge scimitar which promises red ruin for his opponents. Ghazak wears a monstrous helmet over his scarred head. His ululating warcry is famous, very loud and justly feared.[1a]


Ghazak Khan rides the Giant Wolf Warghan, wears dented, heavy scale armour and the Daemonhead Helmet (a huge, horned helmet, decorated with a black wolftail, which holds a captured Wind Daemon of the steppes that protects Ghazak if he is wounded), and carries the magical Red Scimitar (a red, curved sword, notched in hundreds of savage battles by the Khans of the Blackwolf clan, which has acquired a dire reputation in Ghazak's hands). He also has a bow and a shield.[1a]



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