Gertrude is an experienced Shepherdess, active in the southwestern region of Carcassonne. She looks the part: a heavily built, grim Woman with short hair and a Longbow. In her time, she has led dozens of small Orc war bands into traps and guided parties of Knights to larger groups.[1a]

She is starting to feel unappreciated. The pay of a shepherd is not great and their social status is not very high. In particular, Gertrude thinks she would like to get married, but no men seem interested. She is thus considering a number of ways to get more Money and find a husband. She might ultimately turn to Outlawry, but she isn't there yet. In the meantime, she is willing to act as a guide for groups of adventurers seeking important sites in the mountains. She demands money up front and a share of the treasure, and she does her job well as long as she thinks she will get paid. If there are any attractive men among the adventurers, they become the subject of her amorous attentions. She does not take insulting rejections well.[1a][1b]


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