The heart of the city, Geroyev Square is a granite-flagged open space with hulking iron statues of long-dead Tzars around its perimeter. The square is formed by ornate buildings of red stone with high-peaked roofs crowned with onion-domed towers and narrow windows. To one side are the Temples of Tor and Dazh, while on the other is the Temple of Ulric, but as spectacular as these buildings are, they are but pale shadows of the mighty structure that dominates the far side—the Bokha Palace. The grassed centre of the square is often home to a horse traders' fair, and on most days, a wide corral is set up with scores of ponies walking in circles before a crowd of prospective buyers. Geroyev Square is always busy and is a popular place for citizens of Kislev to stroll, meet, and exchange gossip and news. On the first day of each week, envoys of the Tzarina march through the square, ringing bells and loudly shouting news of foreign lands and issuing proclamations from the Bokha Palace.[1a]


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