Gerhart Riese is a petty little man, thick in the middle with spindly arms and legs. He has big jowls, porcine eyes, and a mop of thin grey hair that sticks to his sweaty brow. He is fastidious about his appearance and wears a smart vest that strains to contain his girth.[1a]

Up until last year Riese was a well-paid Scribe in Marienburg with a brisk business on the side translating letters for commoners. His success took a dangerous turn when he translated a letter from a wife to a husband in which she wrote she was leaving her husband to follow the armies in the war against Chaos, hoping to lend whatever aid she could to the soldiers fighting the good fight against the enemies of the civilized world. If Riese had put the letter this way, he probably would have been fine, but he offhandedly informed the worried husband that his wife had decided to give herself to all the men in the Empire. Riese soon after left Marienburg and took a position on the Emperor Wilhelm, where he serves as purser for Captain Bischof.[1a][1b]


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