"Glad to meet you chaps. Now, who’s up for a spot of Zombie hunting? You know, one shot, one kill? I’ll show those Raven’s Knight blackguards for turning me down!"
Viscount Gerhard Grossekirche von Katzeweg[1a]

The second son of an obscure Stirlander noble, Viscount Gerhard was destined for a career in the Church or Academia, neither of which appealed to his self-image as a man of action, a warrior. Claiming his share of his inheritance in cash (and taking some of his brother's—"I'm sure he'd want to give me this as a gift, if he knew..."), Gerhard decamped for adventure in the east.[1a]

Wandering from place to place (but always the best places), he dissipated himself in various pleasures looking for direction in his life. One night, while passing a small village graveyard, two Zombies attacked him. Without thinking, he drew the pistols his brother had "given" him and shot them, killing them with one bullet apiece.[1a]

The experience changed Gerhard, for he had never encountered something so blasphemous before. He decided that battling the Undead was his calling, and made his way to the Cult of Morr. There, he reasoned, he could bring glory to Morr. They turned him down. Utterly. "Morr is not proud," they told him, "for Morr is the end of wars, not the beginning".[1a]

Devastated, Gerhard vowed to show them they were wrong. He took up the profession of pistolier and became a hunter of the Undead, frequently going on crazy solo missions into Sylvania. Many times, when those who knew him assumed he had been lost, he showed up with his grisly trophies. But still the Cult of Morr would not admit him. So he stays in the Essen area, looking for partners to go on a truly impressive mission that will make those stuffed shirts within the Cult sit up and take notice.[1a]


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