Warhammer Lustria Geometric Web

Each city within Lustria is aligned as part of a nexus of points within the Geomantic Web.

The Geomantic Web is a name given to a vast matrix of natural earth energy that encompasses the entire world. When the Old Ones ordered the construction of the temple-cities, they were specific about where each city should be built as each one acts as a nexus point in the Geomantic Web. The Old Ones were able to draw on this vast reservoir of power, and through it manipulate and alter the continental plates, the weather patterns, and even the very orbit of the world itself.[1a]

Furthermore, the Slann Mage-Priests are able to use the Geomantic Web to communicate with one another over vast distances. By entering a deep trance, the Mage-Priests are able to transmit their thoughts from one to another throughout the entirety of the web, enabling them to hold councils of 'sublime communion'. The oldest and most powerful Mage-Priests are able to send their spirits soaring along the Geomantic Web, allowing them to bring their prodigious magical powers to bear far from their otherwise weak and vulnerable bodies.[1a]


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