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Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonné[2a] is a Lahmian Vampire whose unlife has lasted for over six centuries. Notably, she saved the Emperor Karl Franz from an assassination attempt, and is generally accepted by Imperial society for that deed. She lives in Altdorf with her husband, playwright Detlef Sierck.


In 1842 IC,[Note 1] Genevieve Dieudonné was born to a high-ranking minister in Parravon, and was raised in court along with her sisters. When she was 12 years old, Constant Drachenfels invaded the great Bretonnian city, slaughtering many high-ranking citizens, including her father.[2b]

When she was 16, the beguiling Lahmian Vampire Chandagnac came to her uncle's house. He gave her the Blood Kiss and became her father-in-darkness.[2b][3a]

Life as a Vampire

For over six centuries, Genevieve has travelled the world as, among others, an outlaw, a slave, a student, a spy, a bodyguard and an adventurer.[1b][2b][3a] She even ventured as far as Nippon and Cathay, where she studied under one "Master Po" for 3 decades, learning some minor magic, as well as the many facets of Cathayan culture.[3a]

Genevieve once met Emperor Magnus the Pious, who she claims tried to put his hand up her dress.[3a]

For about a century before fighting Drachenfels, she worked in the Crescent Moon tavern in Altdorf.[2a]

Facing Drachenfels

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Genevieve was approached at work one day by Crown Prince Oswald von Konigswald, of Ostland who persuaded her to join his quest to sneak into Castle Drachenfels and finally slay the enchanter who murdered her father and had been terrorizing the lands of men for so long.[2a] Oswald succeeded in slaying Drachenfels, although Genevieve was unconscious for most of the final clash.[2c] Genevieve refused any reward for her part in the effort, and returned for a time to the Crescent Moon. However, unable to bear the attention brought by her new-found fame, she soon retreated an isolated convent of the Order of Eternal Night and Solace.[2d]

Some 25 years later, she returned to Imperial Society at the request of Prince Oswald—he had commissioned a great play about their heroic adventure and wanted Genevieve to attend the premiere, at Castle Drachenfels itself.[2d][2e] The playwright was Detlef Sierck, who was first introduced to Genevieve in Altdorf by Prince Oswald.[2f] At Castle Drachenfels, Genevieve fell in love with Sierck,[2g] played herself in the production (a last minute replacement for Lilli Nissen),[2g][2h] and took part in foiling a plot of Oswald's to dispatch the Emperor and Electors present at the play.[2i][2j][2k][2l]

Life with Detlef Sierck

Following the events at Castle Drachenfels, Genevieve and Detlef settled down in Altdorf — an unusual arrangement tolerated mainly because the pair were heroes of the Empire.[5a] It did not last, though, as Genevieve grew more and more concerned that she was a great danger to her lover's life. Eventually, these fears compelled her to leave him.[5b] The grief of their parting spurred Detlef to write the third group of poems in his sonnet cycle To My Unchanging Lady.[5c]

She returned to Detlef and Altdorf a few years later, however.[3b][3c] This time, they were married.[3d] Although some in the city are opposed to her existence, attempts to have her un-life ended, ranging from political machinations to a mob's public lynching, failed.[1b]

The Lahmian Sisterhood secretly protected her throughout her many adventures, as they value her ability to influence the minds of mortals into softening towards Vampires, so they will be all the more pliant and willing slaves when Neferata makes them hers.[1b]

Genevieve is also famous for penning the play "A Life" along with Detlef's "The Tragedy of Oswald", both purported to be based on honest accounts regarding Vampiric courtship.[1a]

The End Times

During the End Times, Balthasar Gelt encountered a mysterious Vampire woman cloaked in shadow, speaking in a noted Parravon accent, who passes on a message from Neferata about who she states "I am no fonder of her than she is of me, but strange times make for stranger alliances".

Later, the mysterious woman appears again on behalf of Neferata with a message and warning for Vlad von Carstein. Before she left to meet her own fate, she told him that her "time in this world is coming to an end, just as yours is, and I think I would rather meet in my homeland."



  • Note 1: Warhammer Companion reports that Constant Drachenfels was defeated by Oswald in 2480 IC;[4a] Genevieve remembers that she was born 638 years earlier and that she was 12 years old when Drachenfels marched upon Parravon,[2a] which would place the year of her birth in 1842.


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