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Geheb is the god of Earth and Strength in the ancient Pantheon of Nehekhara. He was depicted as a Man soaring and incredibly muscular, strong and rugged features and a thick beard. Although sometimes he took the form of a gigantic dog, in general, the animal associated with this deity was the lion, a reason why he is also depicted with lion's head or similar animal. His Ushabti also have lion heads.

The patron god to the city of Ka-Sabar, he was a deity most revered by the warriors and soldiers of ancient Nehekhara, for whom the scars of battle and fighting were considered as offerings to him. Geheb's servants and priests used to be tall, sturdy and muscular looking, and they were considered fearsome warriors.

Before the battle, the Nehekharans sacrificed young oxen on the altars of Geheb and poured their blood into bright bronze bowls which were then passed between the warriors, taking long swallows of the same while begging the god to lend them his strength in combat.


  • Geheb is likely a play on Geb, the Egyptian god of earth.


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