Gefrelar is Aucassin of Mousillon's most favoured Knight.


A servant of the fell Vampire Aucassin, Gefrelar's duties involve leading hunts in the relatively sound countryside around the Château Hane, where guests are invited to shoot or Lance wild boar that have been specially imported and released into the Château’s grounds. Furthermore, he and his knights will often leave the Château to undertake mysterious missions, leaving only Aucassin and his household servants behind. This no doubt pertains to Mallobaude’s plot to take over the Dukedom.[1]

Gefrelar is a tall and handsome knight, clad in heavy armour of black iron and wielding a brutal axe. He is a man of martial honour, and will openly challenge any who slight his dark master.[1]


Gefrelar wears the livery of a single black flower on a white field on his shield and on the barding of his warhorse.[1]

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