"The Emerald Gate - one of the wonders of the Old World - is guarded only by the best of the best."
The Gate Guard archers.[1]
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A High Elf Archer of the Gate Guard.

The Asur Gate Guard are a regiment of elite High Elf Archers trained for the purpose of defending Ulthuan's Fortress Gates, acting as the backbone of the Gates' garrisons. They don't march to war along with High Elven hosts, as their purpose is to always be present to defend the Gates.[1]


The mountain range to the north-west of Ulthuan face the Dark Elves’ kingdom of Naggaroth. It is no coincidence, then, that each of the mountain passes is guarded by a massive fortress, built around equally the massive gates through which the High Elves control access to Ulthuan’s interior – Dragon Gate, Griffon Gate, Phoenix Gate, Unicorn Gate, and Eagle Gate. Each fortress maintains a sizeable garrison whose duty it is to defend their gate to the very last Elf should the Druchii – or indeed anything else – come calling with host in tow and an aggressive intent. The Gate Guards populating its garrison are highly skilled in the operation of the various traps and war engines positioned at strategic choke points around the battlements and atop the gates themselves, adept at all forms of hand-held missile weaponry, and masters of hand-to-hand combat, lest any attackers achieve the unthinkable and begin to break through the extensive fortifications.[1]


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