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"Let's say you generously offer a contribution to the Boys' shrine club. And let's say I dismiss the charges for lack of evidence. Now, I'm not saying that one would automatically follow the other..."
Garik Svitzher[1a]

Sergeant Garik Svitzher

A grizzled Dwarf, old but still powerful. The lobe of his left ear was torn off in a fight years ago.[1b]

Garik is burned-out and tired - he's just marking time till retirement. He once believed in his job, but the pervasive corruption, the power of the gangs, the lack of funding and his failure to earn promotion have worn him down. Now he does just enough to satisfy his superiors. He tries hard to ignore the activities of the League of Gentlemen Entrepreneurs, but it still galls him to see what they get away with. When he's in a truly bad mood, he takes his frustrations out by enforcing petty ward bylaws on passers-by. He does care about his men, though, and accepts bribes to forget minor crimes, salving his conscience by using the money to buy things the post needs. A long-ago fight with a Sea Elf nearly cost him his ear, and thus he hates them - he's secretly let a prisoner or two "escape" rather than turn them over to the Elftown Watch.[1b]

He's on rocky ground with Captain Graveland, who's looking for a reason to replace him. Garik can frequently be found at the Pelican's Perch, where he talks of retiring to Übersreik to help manage a clansman's mine. He knows most everyone on his beat by face, and will quickly hear about anyone new. When he is interested in a case, he knows Granny Hetta is a good source of information. He does not trust the Krabbenbos brothers at the orphanage, and thinks Brother Bert is a fool to do so.[1b]


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