The Garden of Ursun forms the fourth side of Erengrad's main square, on the eastern side. It is a spectacular place, cascading down the hillside among rocks to finish at a pool formed off the side of the Lynsk. It is certainly large enough to house a bear, and some people claim to have seen one there. Chief Priest Uika Boyozi is very enthusiastic about the holidays of Ursun, particularly Waking Day. This large celebration was performed without fail before the sack of the city, and Boyozi put a great deal of effort into the first one afterwards, arguing it symbolised the reawakening of the city, as well as that of Ursun. As a result, the main square has become the centre of the celebration, and it has become even more popular. Some merchants even start sailing early in the season so they can be in Erengrad for it. Some people have started calling the main square Ursun Square or Awakening Square, which annoys the guildmasters who wanted it to be called Guild Square.[1a]


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