Warhammer Ellyrion

Ellyrian General of Tor Elyr, Galadrien Stormweaver is an angular-featured warrior whose demeanor leaves him perceived as both belligerent and antagonistic by his fellow Asur, especially when interrupted. To his colleagues, he sees those who would flee an unwinnable battle as cowards, as though the senseless loss of Elven life in so futile a gesture would be better than their survival.[1a]

In the field, beneath a crimson banner, Stormweaver leads the Silver Helms of Tor Elyr from the back of a mighty steed the colour of a winter's sky. Both he and his horsemen appear silent and unmoving, perfectly disciplined and courageous beyond mortal reckoning.[1b]

Yet as much as he loves the moment of the charge during battle, it is the moment when he and his men are riding down a defeated foe that he relishes the most. Every horseman dreams of the enemy broken and fleeing before him, easy prey to the glorious rider with fire in his heart. To slay Druchii with wild abandon, to lead the massacre riding and plunging his lance into unprotected backs, to him this is joy, this is vengeance.[1c]


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