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"And she did hear of what had happened, and she came unto Her, and she said, Because of what hath been done to thee: from this day forward I renounce my name, and I shall be called Fury."
Bellona Myrmidia, ‘Book of Fury’[1a]

Fury against a massive Orc

Fury is the divinity of Righteous Anger, a minor god adored in Tilea, Estalia and in the Reikland.[1a]

When mortal, Myrmidia drew many heroes to her side, but none are more famous than the shieldmaiden Fury. Her tale is recorded in the Bellona Myrmidia, and is one full of horror, pain and betrayal. The events of the sad story result in a young girl renouncing her name and swearing to claim revenge for all the dark deeds of the world, a task she takes to with unparalleled passion and anger. Although it pained her, Myrmidia could not bring herself to stop the girl, for she intimately understood the source of Fury’s rage. Instead, Myrmidia did what she had to: she used the girl on the battlefield. There, Fury slayed and slayed and slayed, until eventually, once all her enemies were gone, she collapsed, weeping. Fury’s last stand was in the Abasko Mountains. There, her body was found by Myrmidia, surrounded by piles of dead Orcs and Goblins. The site is now protected by the Order of Fury’s high temple.[1a]

Even though the Order of Fury is mostly comprised of women in Estalia and Tilea, in Empire it is almost exclusively male. The order is gaining in popularity, and already has four temples in Reikland. A charismatic high priest of the order, Janos Enescu, has recently arrived in Delberz. The Stirlander survived some of the worst conflicts of the recent Chaos incursion. He is now gathering support to found a temple to Fury in the city, which is finding a great deal of resistance from local Ulricans.[1a]


  • A page mentioning Fury from the Bellona Myrmidia is a required ingredient to cast the Blazing Sun Divine spell, The caster is surrounded by flames stunning the enemies as they stagger, half-blind and beating at their aflame accoutrements.[1g]
  • Fury's sphere of influence coincide with the one of Solkan another ancient divinity especially adored in Tilea.


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