Furagrum Kazorson

Furagrum Kazorson, Commander of the Lawbringers

Furagrum has seen many winters here in Karak Azgal. Although his battle- scarred head is bald, his beard is so long he has to fold it up in ringlets so it does not drag on the floor. Over a suit of mail he wears a breastplate of gromril armour with a golden dragon inscribed upon it. His weapon is a mighty rune-inscribed warhammer known as “The Judge.” He spends most of his time presiding over the main entrance to the ruins in Skalf's Hold known as Zambor’s Well, making certain taxes are collected. When he is off duty, he retires to drink ale at the Dragon’s Eye Pub, where he is known for his capacity to drink prodigious amounts of the stuff without getting drunk. If approached there and offered a drink, he gladly tells stories of his many exploits as a soldier and a Lawbringer.[1b]

Furagrum is dedicated to his job, and is fair but utterly ruthless in his interpretation of the law. If a Lawbringer is slain, he hunts down the perpetrator personally to bring them to justice. He serves on the three-member ruling council of Karak Azgal, making him one of the most powerful Dwarfs in the city. Any who think he can be bribed learn to quickly regret that thought in the prisons of the hold.[1b]

The commander does have a weakness, however, and that is gambling. His favourite pastime is to bet on the pit fighting in Deadgate, but he lays money on almost anything to feed his addiction. Like all Dwarfs he is loath to give up his treasure, and paying his debts does not come easy to Furagrum. Torn between enforcing the law and making good on what he owes, the commander has recently started to look the other way with some of the goings-on in Deadgate. Dmitri Markov, the Kislevian crimelord there, has a special relationship with Furagrum. He forgives the commander of his debts, and in return Markov operates a secret entrance to the ruins out of the Ice Maiden.[1b]

Even if this relationship is discovered, it will be difficult for players to take advantage of it. Furagrum is the law in Karak Azgal, and his position on the council gives him that much more power. Clever players may attempt to blackmail the commander or perhaps offer to eliminate the crime lord for him in exchange for special access to the ruins.[1b]


  • “The Judge” Runehammer: This magnificent gromril great warhammer is inscribed with intricate scrollwork with gold filigree.[1b]


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