Empire Plate Armour

A Knight of the Blazing Sun in Full Plate Armour.

Full Plate Armour is a heavy and extremely durable form of armour, often worn by the most elite warriors within the Empire and Bretonnia.


The secrets of forging stronger steel are held exclusively by Dwarfs and Men. It was the Dwarfs that were the world's first true metalworkers, but thanks to centuries of alliances they have shared some, if not all, secrets of the process with the nascent Empire. Soon, human smiths were superheating iron and adding charcoal to create stronger, more pliant steel - the perfect material for making full-plate armour.[1]

The greatest and most honoured warriors of the Empire go to battle wearing sturdy suits of Dwarf-forged plate mail. It is the best armour available to them, protecting Generals, Elector Counts, Greatswords and the Knightly Orders.[2][2a]

The noble Knights of Bretonnia often ride into battle donning both plate armour and chainmail underneath their heraldic tabards. Heavy plate armour is forbidden to peasants under all circumstances, as are the weapons of chivalry: the lance and the longsword.[1][3]


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