"Frost-Wyrms dwell in lairs below the frozen tundra, still as death until ascending for murderous activities."
The fearsome Frost Wyrms.[1]
Wh dlc08 nor frost wyrm

A Frost Wyrm.[1]

Frost Wyrms are a deadly variety of Chaos Dragon native to the frozen wastes of Norsca and the Troll Country.


The mutating power of Chaos has touched more than just trolls and wolves in the malign wilderness of Troll Country. In its northern reaches, just below the surface of the frozen tundra, Frost-Wyrms lurk in their underground lairs. With the appearance of giant, winged monsters, nobody is entirely sure of their true nature or origins, but they are certainly abominable creatures tainted by Chaos. Some say that before the species mutated, they may have been Ice Dragons – a creature with a similarly dangerous killing ability in its icy, freezing breath, and a gargantuan size proportional to its age. Lying motionless beneath the frozen tundra, the cold-blooded Frost-Wyrm waits for the footfalls of trespassers before emerging to freeze them to death in their tracks.[1]

Infamous Frost Wyrms

  • The Cold-Voider - The closest cousin of the Scion of the Cold Void has equally murderous instincts.


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