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Friedrich von Tarnus was the first Magister Patriarch of the Bright Order. Excelling beyond all of Teclis' many proteges save Volans, Freidrich was there when the Colleges of Magic were formed. Before ascending to his position, the hot-headed wizard served as commander of the Carroburg Greatswords, but was cast out in shame when his magical talent came to light.[1a]

Since then, he began crafting magical items of great power, including the Silver Seal of the Emperor. Indeed, it was he who crafted the Staff of the Patriarchs for Volans, which would become the symbol of office for all Supreme Patriarchs thereafter.[2a]

Canon Conflict

  • In older editions, Friedrich von Tarnus was spelled Fredrick von Tarnus. Or Frederick. In 8th Edition, it's spelled Fredrik. It's also unclear whether his leaving the Carroburg Greatswords was self-imposed after his powers manifested (unable to cope with the shame), or if the regiment cast him out.


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