"Rested? Healed? Good, because I got another job for you. And it won’t keep."
Franz Lohner.[1]
Franz Lohner

Franz Lohner the Innkeeper.

Franz Lohner is innkeeper of the Red Moon Inn and a pragmatic man. Simultaneously, Lohner is a bit of enigma. He knows more than he should, but drip feeds that information out as he needs to. He takes the role as an affable, authoritative landlord, but can be more than scolding if his adopted charges disappoint or under-perform.[1]

Who is Franz Lohner?

Franz Lohner has seen Ubersreik turn from prosperous town to doomed settlement and taken it in his stride. In fact, he seems to know far more about the situation than any man should, more than the Burgomeisters or the squabbling nobles who seem only interested in the grand masquerade.[1]

Perhaps this is because of the persistent rumours of Lohner’s past. He arrived to take over the landlordship of the Red Moon over a decade ago, but not much is known of his previous career.[1]

The rumour-smiths swear he is ex-military and that can be seen in his bearing and practical nature. But the very best rumour-smiths insist there is much more to Lohner. That he was and, indeed, still is, a member of the Emperor's Eyes – a highly secretive organisation, a spy network led by the inscrutable ‘Black Count’ who, if the myth is believed, answers directly to Karl Franz himself.[1]

But this is all conjecture, stuff that Lohner would laugh off if you ever had the gall to approach him directly. He is just a humble Innkeeper, albeit one more prepared than most.[1]


  • It is implied several times throughout the events of Vermintide that Lohner is a former member of the Grudgebringers. A Guide to Ubersreik states that he was once a successful Mercenary, and Waylaid reveals that he owns a shield bearing the heraldry of the Grudgebringer Cavalry. Upon seeing a painting of the famed Morgan Bernhardt, Lohner suspiciously denies even knowing who the man is. Finally, during the Skaven assault upon the Red Moon Inn, the Ubersreik Five will encounter Franz alone and surrounded by dead Stormvermin. His possible status as a former Grudgebringer may explain his extensive knowledge of the Skaven, as they had previously fought against the forces of Grey Seer Thanquol.


  • Franz Lohner
  • Lohner's Grudgebringer Cavalry shield


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