An isolated outpost in the northeast of the province, Fortenhaf is important for its ferry, the largest over the Upper Talabec outside of Bechafen itself. Ruled by the Margrave Konrad Röntgen, Fortenhaf's fortress is an important point for defending Ostermark against invasion, while it also ensures that the proper revenues are collected from any cross-border traffic.[1a]

Even before the war, Fortenhaf was the most “Kislevite” of Ostermark’s towns. Intermarriage across the border is common, and families often cross each way to visit relatives or do business. The chief priest of Taal and Rhya in Fortenhaf, Sergei Maximov, is himself from Kislev.[1a]

Since the war, however, refugees fleeing the fighting have put a strain on resources in the northeast. Many have crossed illegally, looking for land and safety in the Empire. Unlicensed villages have been founded at the edges of the Veldt, and the horse breeders of that area are fearful that Kislevite farmers will begin fencing off and tilling their invaluable grasslands. They have brought their complaints to the Margrave Röntgen, who is considering either taking the matter to Chancellor Hertwig, or declaring an emergency and evicting the squatters himself.[1a][1b]


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