Over 1,000 years old, Fort Denkh stands on the border between Middenland and Hochland. Constructed during the tumultuous Age of Three Emperors, it was used to protect Middenland from Hochland troops trying to pass undetected through the Drakwald. Ever since, this old fortress has changed hands many times as the land on which it sits has changed hands between the Counts. Hochland maintains a garrison here, supported by a small contingent of Teutogen Guard who act as advisors. The key reason why Fort Denkh has remained in service is because of its nearby system of signal towers, allowing the defenders of the fort to send word of an attack, which proved to be a critical advantage in the Storm of Chaos.[1a]

The fort was damaged in 2522 IC, with its original garrison of 200 reduced to 50.[2a]


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