The Forest of Knives is an ancient place, located deep in the frozen wilds the Norscan Peninsula, at the edge of the Chaos Wastes. The Winds of Magic blow hard there, corrupting all they touch.[1]


Long before the Coming of Chaos, the Elves colonized the area and built a city in the Forest of Knives. But when the Polar Gates collapsed, allowing the Daemons of Chaos into the world, the colony was abandoned as Norsca was too close to the Northern gate. Even after the Daemon-tide was beaten back, the Norscan peninsula would forever remain tainted by the touch of Chaos.[1]

The Elven City remained undiscovered within the forest for millennia, with its temple and Waystone remaining intact. Thousands of years later, the ruins of the city were discovered by escaping Imperial and Kislevite captives, who were captured the Norscans during their raids into the Old World to become slaves and sacrifices. As they were without a ship to cross the Sea of Claws, they settled in the ruins and were relatively safe for a time. That is until Vigrun Skraeling and his warband returned to Norsca after the defeat of Asavar Kul the Everchosen in the Great War Against Chaos. A champion of Slaanesh, Skraeling was pointed to the Forest of Knives by the Chaos Sorcerer known as the Harbinger, looking for an old relique in the Elven city. He desecrated the still intact temple and took the City as his, forcing the refugees he didn't capture in order to force them to worship the Dark Prince to flee into the surrounding Forest.[1]


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