Forest of Chalons

A map showing the Forest of Châlons.

An altogether different forest from the other vast forests of Bretonnia, being located in the highlands west of the rocky crags of the Massif Orcal, the great, weather-beaten crags of rock that dominate the heartland of Bretonnia. The Forest of Châlons extends over rocky ravines, and crags and knolls of weathered rock reach above the stunted, gnarled trees.


Châlons is a region honeycombed with caves and cut by streams that meander through the forest to become waterfalls and pleasant pools of sweet water. Vast boulders perch precariously on the edges of cliffs, towering above deep chasms covered in a green blanket of fens and moss. Despite its pleasant appearance, the eastern parts of the forest are home to numerous evil creatures who have come down from the Massif Orcal, enclaves of Orcs and other foul creatures are said to inhabit these dark crags. No matter how many are wiped out by the Knights of Bretonnia, there are always more. To the south of the forest lies Castle Garamont, seat of the Castellan of Bastonne.[1a][2]

Legend also has it that the Forest of Châlons houses the very Sacred Lake where Gilles and his Companions first met the Lady. At the centre of this lake is the Isle de Lys, which is known to be one of the abodes of the Fay Enchantress.[3][4]


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