Forest Goblin Shaman.

Forest Goblin Shamans are the chief figures in the Spider Cult which worships the forest spiders as the gods of the forest.[1a][2a][3a]


Forest Goblins do not use hallucinogenic brews to contact the gods and cast spells; instead they use the venom of a particular type of spider.[2a]

In fact, these Shamans encourage small venomous spiders to nest in their clothes and live in their bodies, often in convenient crannies such as in the ears, up the nose, between the toes[2a][3a], and even in their mouths.[1a][3a]

The numerous spider bites render the Shaman immune to the toxin and a bit numb, thus they feel no pain. The toxins place the Shaman in a dream-like world haunted by giant spider-like creatures and Daemons.[2a] This drives the Shamans a bit mad and makes their tongues swell up and turn a bright colour such as purple or blue[1a][3a], but it also stimulates the part of their brains that controls magic[1a], and they claim the toxins allow them to communicate with their multi-legged deity.[3a]

These Shamans typically stare wide-eyed with a slavering purple-stained tongue hanging out their mouths. It is a harrowing sight to meet a frothing Forest Goblin Shaman in battle, his swollen purple tongue flapping wildly.[2a]

Forest Goblin Shamans are also less affected by 'Eadbangin' as a result of the spider venom flowing through their veins.[2a]

Forest Goblin Shamans can approach the ferocious Arachnarok Spiders without being attacked[3a], and some Great Shamans may ride atop a Catchweb Spidershrine mounted on the back of an Arachnarok Spider.[3b]


  • Forest Goblin Great Shaman on Arachnarok Spider with Catchweb Spidershrine (8th Edition).
  • Forest Goblin Shaman on Giant Spider (4th Edition).
  • Forest Goblin Shaman on foot (4th Edition).


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