"Every Squire dreams of becoming a Knight, and every Knight dreams of having a better Squire..."
Bretonnia's elite footsoldiers.[1]
A Foot Squire.

Foot Squires are the flower of Bretonnian infantry, fighting to prove their worth and skill towards their Lord.


"At the centre of the Bretonnian army is a core of soldiers, drilled since birth to be warriors par excellence."
The half-noble Foot Squires.[1a]

Within Bretonnia's military, not all troops are levied from among the common folk. Some men - nobler men - are raised to be warriors, and do so because it is not only their duty, but also their honour. Indeed, many Foot Squires are bastards, illegitimate sons born of both noble and peasant blood. They live and train in their own barracks, furnished with the best weapons and armour that their coin and privilege can buy.[1a]

A Foot Squire's main task is to look after a Knight's armour, warhorse and supervise his feudal domains, pursuing brigands and keeping watch for intruders. Squires are also effectively errand boys for their Lord, fulfilling menial or unsavoury tasks that their masters would prefer to delegate. Yet in battle they fight with every ounce of skill and ferocity that their training has given them, using their two-handed blades to cleave through all foes in the name of the Lady, Bretonnia and their Lord's glory. For a Squire, every battle is an opportunity to perform some great deed or service to his master; each kill accumulated gives him a chance – albeit a minuscule one – to be elevated to Knighthood.[1][2]

Famous Squires



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