Sir Florian Lamartine was a Hippogryph-riding Knight of Bretonnia, whose tale was documented by the Imperial scholar Odric of Wurtbad.


The day Florian had to put Bloodwind down remains both the greatest and saddest day of all his years. He had tried to explain to his Lord that he hadn't meant it, that if the cowardly peasant hadn't run, all would have been well. But once the squalling peasant sped away in fear, Bloodwind had thought he was prey. Florian feared that it was perhaps his fault, for he had allowed the Hippogryph to hunt one too many criminals. Regardless, his Lord's lady was deeply offended, tender as she was, and he was forced to make recompense to the family with a small purse. She stated that it was not enough however, and that Florian was to give them Bloodwind's head.[1]

Sorrowing, Florian agreed, though he insisted on performing the deed himself and with fairness. Bloodwind had saved his life so many times on the battlefield, and it was only fit that he be given one last chance to fight for his life. Florian covered his features in another knight's helmet and doused his armour in Pegasus blood, ensuring that the Hippogryph would not hesitate to attack him.[1]

The fight was as no other he had ever been in. Only then, as Bloodwind ripped at him with an arrow’s speed, did he feel a hint of what his foes must have felt for all the years that he rode them down upon his back. It was glorious. But in the end Florian had the mastery, for as magnificent as Bloodwind was, strategy was not the Hippogriff's fine point...[1]


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