Fleurs de lys

The Fleur de Lys, or Fleur de Lis, is a magical lily, said to grow only where the Lady of the Lake appears. It is her sacred emblem and a popular symbol in the kingdom of Bretonnia.[1a]


The symbol of the Fleur de Lys is carried by most nobles in some form or other, both knight and lady. Whether it is worn as a silver pendant around the neck, engraved on a knight’s armour, or woven into a maiden’s undergarments as a symbol of her chastity, it is a symbol of ancient and holy significance. It is said to represent the lily, the sacred flower of Bretonnia. In the old tales, hundreds of lilies reputedly burst into flower under the full silver moon when the Lady of the Lake first appeared to Gilles le Breton, in the age of heroes long past.[2]

A stylised version of the Fleur de Lys is commonly used on the Coat of Arms of Bretonnian knights, showing their devotion to the Lady. Questing Knights usually adorn their arms with it to bring good luck for their quest. It also decorates the crown of Bretonnia.[1a]

The Holy Grail is often shown decorated with the Fleur de Lys, although Grail Knights insist that the sacred chalice bears no ornament other than its sublime shape.[3]

The Fay Enchantress has been known to use the Fleur de Lys lily as a potent ingredient. Powerful magic wells up at places sacred to the Lady of the Lake, with the energy being drawn up through the roots of these mystical lilies. The Enchantress can make them into potions, entwine them around wands, or wear them as floral diadems.[4]

The first knight to be given the honour of bearing the Fleur de Lys as his personal heraldry had been Landuin – the finest of all of Gilles’s Holy Companions. The fairest, most skilful and noble knight ever to have walked the World.[2]


  • The symbol of the Fleur de Lys


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