Flaming Scimitar Dreadfleet colour illustration

The Flaming Scimitar

The Magus' pleasure barge is a thing of wonder. Its hull is trimmed in gold and precious stones, and its lower decks are complete with an extensive harem, libraries of occult tomes, a fountain of healing water and - as the less savoury rumours have it -legions of captive warriors that languish in its bilges. It skims across the seas of the world powered by sails made from acres of folded silk, each one a work of art blessed with spells of protection that keep it safe from the fiercest storms. Despite its lavish and regal appearance, Flaming Scimitar is a warship capable of tremendous feats of violence.[2]

Not only does each of its hundred keyhole windows hide an ornate bronze cannon crewed by a team of hunchbacks bound to the Magus' service, but its elite shipguard consists of forty silk-clad Ogre bodyguards, each of whom wields a great scimitar sharp enough to cut through a ship's mast. Last and most powerful of all of the Scimitar's defences is the Golden Magus himself, for he wields the elements themselves, and magic is in his blood.[2] The Golden Magus has bound many elemental spirits that he can command in battle, setting his enemies aflame with Fire Efreets, or filling his sails with the roaring breath of Tempest Djinns.[1a]

As the warship of a sorcerer from the lands far to the south of the Empire, the Flaming Scimitar displays a unique and individual design. The exotic nature of the minarets really help to set it apart from the other warships of the fleet, each housing one of the great elementals - the Tempest Djinn and the Fire Efreet - for which the Golden Magus is famed. The designs of the sails echo these elementals.[1a]



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