"At first I took them to be mindless fungi, swaying in the breeze. Until, that is, one of their number let loose a great belch of flame, and its companions began to giggle."
Liber Malefic.[1a]
Warhammer Daemons of Chaos Flamers

A Daemonic Flamer of Tzeentch.

Flamers, known also as Burning Horrors, Flame Spouters, Flaming Whirlwinds or simply Fire Daemons are powerful daemonic entities of Tzeentch best known for their ability to conjure daemonic fire.


Capable of a fair turn of speed, expelling gaseous ichor through the fungoid ‘skirt’ at their base to bound and leap across the ground with considerable mischievous gusto. A Flamer uses its blazing limbs to hurl bolts of magical flame at the foe. This is not fire in its truest sense, but a roiling cloud of Chaos energy. It does not burn, but warps reality. A Flamer’s victim might briefly feel invigorated, before collapsing into a writhing puddle of flesh and flashes of pure magic.[1a]

Like Discs, they are beings of pure magic, only given form when cast out of their plane into the mortal world. When they appear, they are disturbing to say the least. They have tubular bodies melded with gnashing faces or grimacing maws that end in a pinkish, fleshy skirt that they use to propel themselves along the ground. Their arms are blue trunks that each end in dripping orifices capable of spraying liquid flame.[2a]

Though the expressions on their sinister faces might suggest otherwise, Flamers are entirely mindless creatures, driven by instinct and instruction from the Lords of Change. They are found only rarely in the mortal world and then only at times when Tzeentch despatches them to aid the great hordes that wage war against the soft men of the south. When the Flamer spews its fires, small droplets fall to the ground and ignite. After a moment, the flames take on the characteristics of a nearby person or object, portraying the events unfolding around it, often in a deeply disturbing or mocking manner. They only sputter out when the Flamer moves on.[2a]


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