"It is not at all what I expected before I passed through the Flame. It is not entirely a comfortable thing to spend your life in the presence of a living god. More I am not allowed to say."
Phoenix King Finubar.[1c]
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The Flame of Asuryan, also known as the Sacred Flame or the Fire of the Phoenix,[2a] is an everburning fire at the heart of the Creator God's Shrine, through which the Phoenix King of Ulthuan is made to pass through. If deemed worthy by Asuryan, the would-be king exits unharmed. More so, the Phoenix King gains a supernatural vitality.[1a] Those with the Sight see the Phoenix King's whole body is saturated with magical energy of a particular kind.[1c]

It is known that after being rejected by the Flame of Asuryan, Malekith was rendered sterile in addition to suffering life-threatening injuries.[1b] To this day, the flames still painfully burn within his flesh, though cold temperatures give the Witch King some manner of relief.[3a]


  • In Blood of Aenarion, when the first Phoenix King stepped through the Flame, he had died and been reborn. He caught glimpses of things that blasted his sanity, seen the vast damaged clockwork of the ordered universe and that which lay beneath it and beyond. He had looked upon the Chaos that bubbled around everything for all eternity. He had seen the smile on the face of the daemon god who waited to devour the souls of his people. He had witnessed that god's kin use worlds for their playthings and populations for their slaves. He had glimpsed the great holes in the fabric of reality through which their power and their servants poured in to conquer his world. Aenarion saw the eternities of horror and had come back reshaped, remade, reborn to fight.[1a]


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