Fist weapons are a broad grouping also known as Gauntlets/Knuckle Dusters which consists of far more weapons than one would expect. Including things like meat hooks, mailed or plated gauntlets, and knuckle-dusters, just about anything that protects and reinforces the hand for melee combat counts as a weapon of this category. Best-crafted fist weapons may be ornately etched or engraved, incorporating family mottos, religious invocations, or holy symbols. Such items are never as crude as a rusty meat hook, but are instead ornate gauntlets or exotic weaponry from distant lands.[1a]

Types of Fist Weapons

  • Brass Knuckles/Knuckle-dusters: This is a set of guards with rings to fit the fingers. On the backside is a small handle to add support to the fist. Knuckle-dusters are often a thug's weapon of choice.[1a]
  • Cestus: A cestus is a hand wrap weighted with lead coins that fits over the knuckles. In some cases, a cestus includes studs or spikes to tear flesh and break bones.[1a]


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