Fisk was a feared Skaven Warlord and the tyrannical ruler of Karak Varn.


Fisk held an unsavoury reputation amongst the Skaven race. He had a great fondness for large and noisy weaponry, purchasing many such weapons from Clan Skyre. It was whispered on the Underway that he liked to coffle his prisoners before strafing the lines with warpstone shells, not letting up until the weapon detonated in its unfortunate handler's paws.[1]

The Warlord was a hulking giant of a Skaven, bedecked in silver plate scoured to an impossible shine. A pair of segmented horns spiralled down from the side of his helm, and red eyes gleamed from beneath its thick iron brow. His fur carried an unhealthy green-tinge, lending him the repulsive appearance of a hulking Orc-thing.[1]

Fisk was eventually slain in single combat by the famed Queek Headtaker of Clan Mors, his heavy and battle-worn greatsword proving ineffective against the much faster Warlord...[1]


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