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The Fish, along with their rivals the Hooks, are one of the major unofficial waterfront gangs in Altdorf.[1b]


The Fish had their origin in 2051, when Vlad von Carstein ravaged the Empire. Refugees from across the country spilled into Altdorf. Many settled in the Docklands, but the official Guild of Stevedores did not allow a large quantity of new workers to join. Meanwhile, as von Carstein's army neared Altdorf, smugglers brought boatloads of goods into the city, intending to sell them at inflated prices once the siege began. The Guild refused to take on such work, but there were plenty of unemployed refugees in the docklands willing to do the job. Thus the unofficial waterfront gangs, the Hooks and the Fish, were born.[1b]

The Fish got their name from their penchant for turning up with cargo that had "accidentally" been dropped overboard.[1b]

When Marienburg seceded from the Empire in 2429, the Fish attempted to start a franchise in the newly-independent city. This was stymied by the Marienburg Stevedores and Teamsters Guild, but it did lead to closer relationships between Marienburg smugglers and the Altdorf Fish.[1c]

In the late 2400's, tensions between the Hooks and Fish broke out into an outright gang war. The Waterfront War lasted for five years, and died down only when the war chiefs of both gangs mysteriously disappeared. However, it did not end completely, and continues on a smaller scale to this day.[1d]


The Hooks and Fish have similar structures: The basic unit of the gang is the work crew, about a dozen men led by a foreman. The most powerful foremen are war chiefs. There are only a handful of war chiefs in the gang at a time. When a single leader must make a decision for the entire gang, it usually falls to the strongest war chief.[1d]

Tattoos denote a Fish's rank. Ordinary thugs usually have a fish tattoo on their arm; war chiefs have one on their face.[1e]


Most of the Fish are stevedores. They pay a portion of their wages to the gang, which in turn promises them a minimum amount of work. The Fish compete with the Guild of Stevedores for legitimate business, but also move cargo for smugglers and other criminals.[1b] The Fish also smuggle and fence goods themselves.[1c]

The Fish have close relations with smuggling rings in Marienburg. Much illicit trade between Marienburg and Altdorf goes through the Fish.[1c]


Beginning during the Waterfront War, the Fish allied with various revolutionary groups, including the Kislevite Underground, Artisans' Guild, Popular League Against the Nobility and Taxation, and the Glorious Revolution of the People (Reformed).[1c][1f] This alliance was natural, because the revolutionaries are often menaced by the Hooks on behalf of the Dock Watch.[1f]

The Fish are also allied with the "Thieves' Guild" of Herr Klasst. The Fish provide muscle for the crime lord, and in return his organization helps the Fish in their smuggling ventures.[1f]


The Fish compete with the Hooks for control of Altdorf's Docklands. They also are the only gang present in the Old Docks.[1a]

Known MembersEdit


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