All along the coasts of the Old World, fishermen harvest their catch from the sea. Generally only available in coastal regions, or places with nearby lakes or rivers, fresh fish is a commodity that lasts through the morning. Afterwards, as the fish start to turn, the peasants make their rounds. Finally, after the peasants have had their chance to buy, fish mongers throw the bad fish to beggars and city scum for free.[1a]

Pickled Fish

For long treks, nothing says breakfast, lunch, and dinner like a big barrel of pickled fish. Full of briny goodness, pickled fish are quite popular among the low classes. These barrels hold enough fish to feed a person for two weeks; although, reaching the bottom of the barrel is a feat in itself.[1a]

Strange Fish of the Old World

In addition to the popular cod, salmon, carp, herring, trout and eel, hundreds of other strange fish populate the dark waters of the Old World. The following are a few examples.[2a]

  • Aaurati: An elusive fish that shimmers like gold beneath the waves. More than one man has allegedly drowned after mistaking an Aaurati for submerged treasure.[2a]
  • Augas: Has a third eye on top of its head for spotting predators.[2a]
  • Bromma: Flying fish, can rotate its head. Hides from predators by diving to the bottom and stirring up clouds of silt on the riverbed.[2a]
  • Congère: Bretonnian eel. Incredibly powerful for its small size. Can tear other fish apart with ease.[2a]
  • Gladius: Large, spear-headed fish. Can pierce the hulls of small boats if its young are endangered.[2a]
  • Mulus: Delicious fish, eaten only by nobles. Becomes multicoloured when it dies. Two-bearded Mulus is the tastiest variety.[2a]
  • Polypus: Large fish with strong, clawed arms. Can leap up and knock a man from his boat. Grips its prey and gnaws voraciously until sated, then discards the carrion.[2a]
  • Rhombus: Slow, obese fish with short hairs on its back. Settles into riverbeds downstream of cities and feeds on the sewage.[2a]
  • Sea Scorpion: Tiny fish with a scorpion tail. Kills small fish with poison and eats them. Stings large predators on the head to disorient them.[2a]
  • Tauras: Aggressive, horned fish. Mates fight to the death after spawning.[2a]



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