Fireloques of Ferlagen

The deadly accurate Fireloques of Ferlagen

The Fireloques of Ferlagen are a troop of deadly accurate handgunners that have fought throughout the Province of Ostland, often under the army banner of Elector Count von Raukov himself. Wearing the black and white of their home province, the Fireloques of Ferlagen bear no formal insignia, but superstitiously decorate their hats and uniforms with the bones of fallen comrades and other good luck charms.[1a]

Even amongst the stubborn Ostlanders, the Fireloques of Ferlagen have gained a reputation for tenacity, holding their gun line and unleashing volley after volley of fire into approaching enemies. Their refusal to surrender the flank against marauders of the north during the three-day Battle of Littered Bones earned them the nickname of Skull Clubbers, as without gunpowder for the entire last day, they resorted to using their beloved handguns as blunt weapons to stem the tide of the attackers.[1a]


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