Vital statistics
Full Name Finubar the Seafarer
Reign XI, 1-357 (2163 to 2520 IC)
Predecessor Bel-Hathor
Successor Tyrion
Noble House House Rhuiren
Seat of Power Lothern, Eataine

Finubar the Seafarer is the current Phoenix King of Ulthuan. He was already famous for his voyages to the Old World before being elected by the princes of the High Elves.

Age of the Seafarer

With the invaluable experience gained during his sojourn to the Old World, Finubar of Lothern was the prince best suited to understanding this new age. By temperament and experience he was ready to deal with the race of Men, and as a native of Lothern, he had grown up with an understanding of the worth of trade and a tolerant, cosmopolitan outlook on the world. In accordance with Bel-Hathor's wishes, the ruling council elected Finubar. Thus, Finubar is the first Phoenix King to be chosen by his predecessor.[1a][2a][3a][4a]

A few amongst the ruling council were displeased with this appointment: perhaps they thought such a succession a break with all tradition. More likely, their sentiments were born of jealously. Finubar's actions did little to end such concerns. From the start, he was often content to leave the day to day affairs of his realm to the trusted members of his court. Indeed, in the early years of his reign, it seemed he was but an infrequent visitor to his own realm, for he spent much time travelling the world. Finubar's rivals spread rumour in his absence, their eyes ever on claiming the Phoenix Throne they once were denied. In the end, rebellious tongues were only stilled when the Everqueen, Alarielle, arrived unannounced at a meeting of the ruling council. Standing before the Phoenix Throne, she fixed her piercing gaze on each of the council in turn, and in icy tones reminded the princes where their loyalties truly lay. Thereafter, criticisms of Finubar's rule were decidedly muted.[1a][2a]

As the years passed, Finubar's voyages became more sporadic, though none could say whether his wanderlust was finally leaving him, or he had simply found whatever it was he searched for. Increasingly, Finubar split his time between the business of rule and taking counsel with Belannaer, one of the oldest and wisest Loremasters of Hoeth.[1a]

In the one hundred and thirty eight year of Finubar's reign, the Great Chaos Incursion began, and it looked as if the Dark Powers had returned once more to claim the world. The Witch King himself returned at the head of a mighty host, and swept the defenders of Ulthuan before him. War raged across all Ulthuan's kingdoms. Avelorn burned, and for a time, it seemed as if the Everqueen was lost amongst the carnage, and the realm with her. Then, two mighty heroes, the twin brothers Tyrion and Teclis, arose to secure the realm and repel the invasion.[1a][2a][3a][4a]

By the efforts of the extraordinary twins, the Dark Elves were driven off and Ulthuan was rescued from the brink of destruction. Finubar was greatly pleased by the twins' deeds, and brought them ever close into his councils -- the Phoenix King deemed that the last war had been merely the opening skirmish in a new age of destruction, and was determined to command the loyalty of Ulthuan's mightiest heroes. In the years that followed, other heroes would join Tyrion and Teclis at Finubar's side, some of whom would go on to become as famous as any of the Phoenix Kings.[1a]

Since then, the world as grown darker. Despite the series of magical wards raised around the island in the reign of Bel-Korhadris, Norse raids on Ulthuan have become ever more numerous. A horde of Goblins led by Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain even managed to pillage eastern Ulthuan. Dark Elf raiders have continued to commit innumerable acts of piracy. The promise of a new golden age of peace has faded, and the Elves and their new allies have looked once more to their weapons.[1a][2a]

For the Elves, the present holds both the promise of renewal and the threat of destruction. Their old enemies have grown stronger, while they in turn have become weaker. Ulthuan can still muster the mightiest fleets in the known world and its armies are rightly feared by its foes, and yet the High Elves are a shadow of their former glory. Indeed, many on Ulthuan feel the greatest days of the Elves have passed.[1a][2a][3a][4a]

Yet every year brings new opportunities to win glory and fight against evil. There are still mighty Elf heroes, courageous warriors and mages willing to stand against the Dark Powers, and the mighty Dragons, though few in number, are turning restless in their long sleep. In the north, the Witch King stirs once more and the Widowmaker haunts the dreams of warriors, singing songs of forbidden glory to their desperate souls. Though they have dwindled and are weary, the High Elves still have a great part to play in the world before the final act of their long drama is played out.[1a][2a][3a][4a]

The End Times

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Between 2520 and 2523 IC massive daemonic incursions ravaged Ulthuan. The Phoenix King secluded himself in his tower and refused to lead the defense. There he came to the revelation that he and all the Phoenix Kings were cursed by Asuryan for being impostors who cheated their way through the flames via magical protection. Malekith projects his spirit form into Finubar's observatory and taunts him about everything that has come to pass. He then summoned a Bloodletter and locked Finubar in the room, and Finubar let the Bloodletter kill him as he saw suicide as the only option. Until 2524 the corpse of Finubar is not discovered. After that Tyrion was appointed Regent of Ulthuan. He was due to enter the flames and become the Phoenix King in a year's time.[5a]However, and unexpectedly, Malekith and the rest of the Druchii abandoned Naggaroth, and returned to Ulthuan. Tyrion drew the Widowmaker, and became Khaine's avatar. However, that was not enough, and the Witch King defeated Tyrion, and reclaimed his rightful place as the new Phoenix King.


  • In Sons of Ellyrion, Finubar is noted for wearing scarlet dragonscale armour and a shimmering cloak of mist and shadow during a siege on Lothern by the Dark Elves. He is also described as handsome, having a look of one "whose eyes were always seeking the next horizon", with green eyes that match the thousands of gems set within the Emerald Gate of Lothern. Meanwhile, his blond hair is almost as pale as the cloaks of his White Lion bodyguards.[6a]
  • More than once, Finubar has told Tyrion to never bow to him, to which Tyrion - in good humour - never listens.[6a]
  • Finubar wields a sword of starmetal, its blade curved in the manner of Southland warriors and golden like the last arc of sunset. The blade had been a gift from one of the coastal potentates of Ind, a land of exotic spices and strange rituals. Finubar had saved the life of the king's daughter, and had received this wondrous blade in return. No smith trained in the Anvil of Vaul could unlock the mysteries of its creation, but the power of the magic worked into its blade was beyond question. When Finubar speaks the word of power, molten light erupts from the golden blade. During a battle against a hydra, he stabbed the blade into one of its mouths, activating his sword's magic to fill the monster's skull, golden fire streaming from its eyes before its head exploded in a welter of boiling blood and bone.[6a]


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