Warhammer Fimir

A Fimir Balefiend.

Fimir Balefiends, also known as Dirachs, are the sorcerers of the Fimir race.[1a][2a]


Within Fimir society, the Dirachs seem to have relatively high standing. Every clan has a small cabal of them that serves directly under the Meargh, the clan's matriarch.[1a] They are the only fimir to spend extended periods of time away from their swamp-bound homes.[2a]

An elven Archmage or Master Wizard of the Empire might find the spellcraft of the balefiends crude and ritualistic. However, its power can rival that of the nations' greatest spellcasters, for fimir magic has been stolen from Daemons. In addition, the cyclopean Balefiends can perceive the winds of magic from their singular eyes, further augmenting their magical prowess.[2a]

Although the Fimir race was long ago abandoned by the Chaos Gods, the Balefiends wish to recover their favour by breaking down the boundaries between the Realm of Chaos and Mortal World.[2a]



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