At dusk, during the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice festivals, lamplighters undertake a solemn procession through the streets of the Empire's cities, bearing lanterns aloft on their poles, decorated with colourful string and ribbons. They light the wicks of their lanterns using the sacred flame that burns before the altar of Verena, and are blessed by the temple's priests as lightbringers, tasked with the sacred duty of banishing the darkness of the winter months.[1a]

Many townsfolk flock to witness the glittering sight of the lampers' march, and much revelry follows in its wake. The procession winds its way through all the major streets of the city, and the lampers light the streetlamps as they go.[1a]

When the march has come full circle, stopping at the gates to Verena's temple, onlookers eagerly count the number of wicks still burning. If no flame has gone out, then the gods have blessed the city with good fortune in the coming year. If most of the wicks have lost their flame, the new year promises woe and privation.[1a]


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