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The Estalian Kingdoms were the birthplace of the Fencing style of fighting. With these light and dangerous blades, a skilled fencer can slip the blade past an opponent's defences, striking quickly and accurately. Though they lack the punch of great weapons, they are still deadly in the right hands. Most fencers also wield parrying weapons, like the main-gauche, in their offhand. Duellists in Tilea evolved the fighting style by incorporating a cloak into their technique, allowing them to entrap their opponent's weapon and make an opening to drive their rapier home.[1a]

Fencing weapons in the Old World consist of two types: the foil and the rapier. Other weapons might also easily fall into this category, such as the sabre and scimitar, as they are wielded with speed and finesse. Fencing weapons, like any other weapon, vary in quality. Poorly made foils may have too small of a cup hilt to fit over the hand or a stiff blade that lacks the normal flexibility. Better weapons, especially the rapier, are more ornate, having elaborate baskets, quillions, and beautiful blades with extensive scroll work down the length. Balance is also vital to fencing weapons. Though fencing has spread to the Empire, the best of these weapons are still made in the birthplace of said-fighting style.[1a]

Fencing weapons are products of civilizations. Consequently, they are only found in cities and among the wealthy nobles at that. Most warriors prefer the weight of a good axe or hammer to the speed of a rapier.[1a]


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