"Why am I called a fence? Well, it's because I provide you with some de-fence from being caught, innit. So, you go thief, and I'll make sure you don't have to worry about how to shift the merchandise. Think of me like your partner-in-crime."
"Boil" Vakram, Fence[2a]


The majority of burghers and tradesmen are willing to deal in goods of questionable legality. Such merchandise is the stock and trade of the Fence. They are experts at liquidating stolen goods. For a percentage of the profit, they take a thief's bounty and move it to another town, city, or even country where it can be more safely disposed of. Fences are experts at evaluating the worth of any given item and therefore exactly how hot it is likely to be. The greater the risk, the greater the cut they demand.[1a]

Fences often front as merchants, pawnbrokers, or importers, though some prefer to avoid the authorities by moving from town to town. Although most fences deal in goods, some instead traffic in secrets and information. Some fences even work backwards, connecting clients with a desire for a particular item with those who can steal it.[2a]


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