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The Fellwolf Brotherhood.[1]

The Fellwolf Brotherhood were the barbaric and ferocious elite of the Knights of the White Wolf.


The Fellwolf Brotherhood was notable for housing the order's elite Inner Circle. It was from these illustrious ranks that the Ar-Ulric selected his Teutogen Guard.[2]

Middenheim's Last Stand

Attention, Empire Citizens!
This article contains information regarding the End Times, the actual canon ending of Warhammer.

During the End Times, Boris Todbringer had taken many Knights of the White Wolf with him upon his doomed hunt for Khazrak. However, the Fellwolf Brotherhood remained with Grand Master Weissberg, and their determination to defend their city burned white hot. As the fighting had raged through Middenheim's streets, the Fellwolf Brotherhood performed one devastating charge after another. Often considered the most ill-disciplined of Middenheim's knights, the brotherhood's howling savagery now became their biggest asset, allowing them to match the reckless ferocity of the northlanders blow for blow.[1a]

At the height of Middenheim's siege, horns rang out and a mournful howl was raised to the sky as the Fellwolf Brotherhood charged. Gutless Crossbowmen who had broken from the fighting yelled in panic. They raised their hands in futile gestures before being ridden down, unable to get out of the way in time. The knights howled again as their charge crashed home. The Chaos battle line shuddered as the Fellwolf Brotherhood drove the infamous Swords of Chaos back. The greatest Knights of the White Wolf fought savagely against the mightiest Chaos Knights. Hammers pounded into breastplates and caved in helms. Ensorcelled blades hacked through plate armour, or were driven point first into howling faces. Armoured steeds slammed together, rearing in panic, crushing limbs and trampling the fallen.[1]

Any other foe would have broken and scattered in the face of that sudden counter-charge. Yet Archaon's will was absolute, and the Swords of Chaos held their ground. When their Grand Master fell to Archaon's sword, the White Wolves lost all hope. They were slaughtered, and their crow-pecked corpses were later impaled upon black iron spikes, adorning the walls of conquered Middenheim...[1]


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