Since his emergence in the Shadowlands, Lord Mortkin has led the Black-iron Reavers. Many more tribes have been absorbed into the army that is now known as the Fell Legion.[1a]

  • Black-iron Reavers - Now grown many regiments strong, the Black-iron Reavers form the centre of Lord Mortkin's battleline, the black heart of the Fell Legion.[1a]
  • Brass Riders - The favoured champions of the Fell Legion band together to form a unit of shock cavalry. When the power of Chaos surged forth, the Fell Legion battled Daemons in endless tides for three days and three nights. When the black clouds dissipated, there were so many skulls surrounding Lord Mortkin and his champions that Khorne himself was pleased with the deeds of war. Thus, the God of Battles and Bloodshed gifted the regiment with mighty Juggernauts.[1a]
  • Crimson Reapers - Lord Mortkin's bodyguard, the Crimson Reapers have been especially blessed by the Dark Gods. They will follow their commander into hell itself.[1a]


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